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Why Pre-Qualification Is Important

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At A&A Realty, we aim to consistently simplify the home buying experience to make it easier for our clients. This includes the speed, efficiency, and technology behind our lending process, as well as giving home buyers the advantage of our team’s knowledge and experience. All of this adds up to preparedness – so clients can secure the home they really want.

Credit, debt-to-income ratio and determining which assets you can leverage are all part of the calculation that allows a mortgage company to offer you a loan. Not to mention, the home loan that will best meet your long-term goals. While some loans are designed to aid potential homebuyers who have concerns with credit, down payment or their ability to make a down payment – all loans have qualification guidelines.

Knowing which ones you meet – ahead of time – makes you more ready to buy in a competitive market and provides assurance to your realtor and the seller that you are prepared to be taken seriously as a buyer.

Prequalification is free and it lets you know the upward limits that mortgage insurers and regulators (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae) will allow, so you can target your home search more effectively.

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