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Mr. and Mrs. Aleman
A & A Realty,
It’s been a pleasure doing business with all of you. The whole process has been fast and stress-free from day one until the day we moved into our new home.

The service was great and we gladly appreciate all the kept promises.
Thank you so much…You have made our dream come true.

Juan and Maria Aleman (FHA)

Dennis Kimble
A & A Realty:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Abel Ramos and all the staff at A & A Realty.
As a first time home buyer, I had heard many horror stories regarding home buying and Real Estate Agents in General. I was pleasantly surprised to find that not the case with A & A Realty.

I initially e-mailed Abel after receiving a flyer at my apartment. I asked what was available on the market. I specified the price, location, and condition of the home I wanted to purchase. A & A Realty sent me a group of print-outs of homes available that fit the criteria I specified. The print-outs contained the price and all other pertinent information for each home. After looking at the homes, I called Abel and he took me to each of the homes I Iiked eventually finding several which I submitted bids on to the bank.

Abel made sure I understood the process, the rules, and explained what the process would be after the bank accepted my bid. He explained all the required rules and regulations of purchasing a foreclosed home. He also successfully negotiated with the bank regarding several necessary expensive repairs which were needed to the home I finally purchased.
All in all the purchase of my home was a very rewarding experience. Abel and the entire staff at A & A Realty did their best to assist me in a most convenient and courteous manner. Any questions I had regarding the process were answered promptly and completely.

Thank you for a job well done. I will recommend A & A Realty to all my friends and family.

Dennis Kimble (VA)

Jeff Quint
“Abel was a professional from the beginning to the end of our transaction . I had never purchased a foreclosure before, and in what ended up being a complicated transaction, Abel proved an expert in dealing with the many parties involved. I am confident in saying that this deal would not have happened without his assistance.

Jeff Quint

Jason and Alyssa Husband
My fiance and I went to Mr. Abel Ramos Jr. after seeing his signs by his office. Not only did Abel Jr. treat us like a client, but a friend. He was with us every step of the way. We were so pleased with Abel Jr. that I would not buy or sell with anyone else. He went above and beyond to make sure we were completly satisfied. Thank you Abel!

The Husband Family. (FHA)

Sidney and Reyna Kathcart
A & A Realty,

To start, Abel did not sound like a pushy salesman. Thank you Abel! He was very friendly and very informative with real estate information, terminology, and process. He was careful to make sure that we were comfortable in our decision in the area we wanted to purchase, the price bracket we wanted to stay in, and the houses we wanted to see. Once we found the house we wanted, Abel worked diligently to ensure the process moved forward and with ease. All in all, a process that was described as a nightmare by some of our friends and family went very smoothly and Quick, thanks to Abel.

We would definitely recommend Abel Ramos to anyone in search of purchasing a home.

Sidney & Reyna Kathcart. (VA)

The Ogan Family
Abel and the team made buying a home far easier than it should have been!

With home prices falling down all round us, my fiancee and I were hopeful that home ownership might just be a true possibility. On a whim one morning, we paid a visit to a loan officer. When we discovered we could actually afford a home in our most desired area of town we were anxious to head out and begin searching. But we had no idea which Realtor to choose. Our loan officer told us of a great local Realtor nearby, Abel Ramos at A & A Realty.

We headed straight over. Instantly we were greeted and treated like family. We sat down in front of the “big screen” and watched several prospects move across the screen. No sooner than we expressed interest in a few, Abel was ready to take us out to see them that moment! We visited 3 homes that evening, and put in an offer that night. Abel took great care to explain the foreclosure buying process to us. He was always just an email/phone call/text away. He answered all of our crazy questions, and understood our concerns. He definitely went the extra mile. Always reassuring and gracious, Abel is a true professional.

We tell everyone and anyone who asks us about our home buying experience, “You have to visit Abel Ramos at A & A Realty. They make it too easy!

Happy Home Owners,
Lisa and Tim Ogan (FHA)

Jesse Guajardo
A and A Realty,

“After working with two other realtors before A and A Realty, my dream of buying my first home seem like it would never come true. Immediatialy after meeting with Abel Jr. and his team for the first time my frustraions as a first time buyer had become the least of my worries. In the process of my home search the work became almost effortless. Abel represents the best in his industry, operating with integrity, knowledge, and experience. His expertise is exemplary, and he is always on the cutting edge of new technology in real estate. I would highly recommend Abel to anyone with real estate needs. Thank you A and A realty!”

Jesse Guajardo

Alexander Family
My experience in buying a house with A & A Realty is what everyone should be lucky enough to experience when they are buying a house. I do not feel that A & A Realty merely went an extra mile, but I feel that they went 100 extra miles.

Jennifer Alexander
2333 Pictoria (FHA)

Honesto Family
I had a wonderful experience with A & A Realty. I found all of the staff to be very nice and friendly.
As a first time buyer, I new nothing about purchasing a home. I thought it would be similar to buying a car, but boy was I wrong! Since I encountered several obstacles that brought on concerns and frustrations, I had a ton of questions. Abel Ramos III was always available and able to answer all of my questions either via email or by phone. He was very detailed in answering my questions and explaining the next step in the process which made me feel very comfortable.
Abel Ramos is very professional and proved to be knowledgeable as well as experienced. He always showed an interest in helping me find a home that I liked. He never pushed me into buying a house I didn’t like and I didn’t feel like I was just a paycheck to him. I highly recommend Able Ramos III because I feel that he offers a superb level of customer service that is almost nonexistent.
Abel you made it happen!! Thank you for your assistance, time and patience.

Maggie Honesto & Family

April Lopez
June 11, 2009

To: Abel Ramos Sr. & Jr. ( A&A Realty )
Fm: April G. Lopez
Re: Testimonial on real estate transaction

This testimonial comes to you in regards to our real estate transaction:

As a single mother and hardworking teacher, I am able to say, without reservations, that A&A Realty sure made buying a house easy. They were understanding with my busy schedule and at times I thought the process was too easy to be believable. I was so glad that I was curious enough to walk into their office and ask about all their “foreclosure list” signs. They helped me find an awesome place to own and directed me to a loan officer that gave me a chance when even other “teacher programs” wouldn’t. The Ramos family was a pleasure to work with, not only were they approachable and down to earth, but they answered my many questions with patience and professionalism.. I am so happy to have met and done business with A & A Realty! The Ramos family has earned my respect and I hold them all with high regards..
April G. Lopez

Valadez Family
Mr. Abel Ramos

Let me just start off by saying, it was such a great pleasure to work with you and your family! From the very beginning you were honest, understanding and knew exactly the type of home we desired, my dream home! You always had us in the loop through out the whole process from the start to finish! I would like to say thank you! I have such a beautiful home now because of you. Remember ?it?s one of your favorite tracks built?! I will recommend A&A Realty in a heart beat to anyone who is thinking about purchasing a home! I don?t know how to say thank you enough! You exceeded all expectations and because of you hard work my family has now obtained the American Dream!

The Valadez Family

Elie Family
A & A Realty,

As inexperienced first-time homebuyers, we are very grateful for the experience & guidance that A&A Realty provided. We felt at ease and comfortable with them from our initial phone call. They never used pushy sales tactics or pressured us to spend more money or to max out our budget. Our questions and emails were answered in a timely fashion, they were willing to take whatever time was necessary with us?always accommodating our family?s schedule, and they never said or implied anything critical or negative about us bringing an infant to all of our appointments! They were willing to show us as many listings as we liked until we found ?the? house. As proud first-time homeowners, we are thankful that our experience was smooth and that we were well taken care of. We would be happy to recommend A&A to family and friends, and we know that if other real estate possibilities open up we have trustworthy realtors to work with. Thank you A & A Realty!

Elie Family

Lomeli Family
Our Experience with A&A Realty

I’d like to begin by saying we have had the greatest experience working with A&A Realty! My husband and I first found it difficult finding our dream home, not to mention searching for the right realtor. Before working with A&A Realty, we were shown older houses that did not fit the perfect picture of what we wanted our dream home to be like. My father then mentioned Abel Ramos to us, a realtor that assisted him with his own purchase of his first home. I began seeing ads for A&A Realty and came to learn they owned their own company; that is when I decided to give them a call. I started to see a difference right away in terms of how they work with your needs to find your dream home. Our experience was great and would use their services again if I had to do it all over again! We thank you A&A Realty for helping us become home owners of our dream home.

Lomeli Family

Herrera Family
Prior to the purchase of our second home, we found Abel Ramos and A&A Realty. They started to look for houses right away and made the details of what my family and I was looking for as their first and foremost priority; they were also available as needed. The advanced technological equipment at A&A Realty, such as satellite, allowed us to view a variety of homes in many different neighborhoods. Abel set up a system that allowed me to view homes that were quickly put on the market via email.

When we found a home that we liked, A&A Realty guided us throughout the entire process. Not only are they efficient in what they do, but they kept me informed every step of the way and made it a pact to return my calls as soon as possible. Their many years of experience contributed in several ways. First, they helped in dealing with both the seller and lender when difficult situations developed. Office hours were convenient late at night and on the weekends, which fit the working schedule of my husband. Mrs. Ramos’s notary services also helped when having to sign loan documents.

I would recommend future home buyers to work with Abel Ramos and A&A Realty when wanting to purchase a home. We appreciate their dedication and everything they did for us. We love our new home because it’s the perfect fit for our family.

Thank you Abel Ramos and A&A Realty!
Eduwiges Tapia Herrera
Elementary School Teacher

Rene Duenas
As a 25-year old young man, I wanted my first home-buying experience to be simple, yet often found it difficult to be taken seriously by most real estate agents because of my age and lack of knowledge in the market. However, it was when I found professional courteousness through A&A Realty that made this experience worthwhile. Abel Ramos not only walked me throughout the homebuyer process in its entirety, but assisted me with prompt answers to all questions I had and solutions I needed. He not only accommodated his time to my needs and busy schedule, but met the requirements I had desired in my dream home. As a result, he made my dream home a reality.
Without hesitation, I would recommend A&A Realty to any first-time home buyer. Not only for the type of professionalism they provide, but for the knowledge, honesty, and respect that shines within their willingness to please clients.
Thank You A&A Realty for making my dream home nothing short of reality!

Griswold Family
As first-time home buyers being new to the area, we found it a challenge to find the right realtor. Fortunately, a coworker enthusiastically recommended Abel Ramos to help my family and I find our first home.

Abel was extremely competent and personable. The entire staff at A&A Realty made us feel right at home and at ease, as if we were family. Abel walked us through the process of purchasing a home, of which we found very quickly. We are very happy with the experience and have since recommended Abel’s services to others.
Ron Griswold

Lancaster Family
“Throughout our process of attempting to get into the housing market, all we heard was how difficult the tasks at hand were going to be. Needless to say, we were skeptical about the entire housing market that we were getting into. We juggled around with a few realtors that were not meeting our expectations in any way. As we entered A & A Realty, we did not have very high expectations, considering the realtors that we had just gone through. Without a doubt we were satisfied from the very start. Abel Ramos laid down in front of us the real world market that we were in. Not a single word that came from him was rehearsed or fake. Mr. Ramos not only was honest, kind and straight forward; but also used modern technology to lay out a game plan for our house hunt. He broke down every aspect of what we wanted and did not allow us to feel overwhelmed by the process, in any way. There were times in which when we felt that our dream home was never going to be a reality, but Mr. Ramos did not allow us to be discouraged. In the end, not only did we get the only house that ?truly felt like home? but we got it in a stress free and relaxed environment. Mr. Ramos was far and beyond what any realtor could hope to be. We know that we would not be writing this in the comfort of our perfect home if it was not for the kindness, generosity and steadfastness of Abel Ramos. We gained not only a home and a new life, but a lifelong friend that allowed our dream to come true. Thank you Abel!!!?

Nichole Lancaster

Jesus Nava
As a first time homebuyer, finding a realtor who would deal with me honestly and with respect was very important. Mr. Ramos was recommended by friends and in our opinion is the go to guy for Bakersfield Real Estate he helped us find our dream home “STRESS FREE”. He was very helpful and knowledgeable and was able to explain the processes in a manner that was easily understood. His aggressiveness to get the Job done was also a plus, He also made us feel that we were more than just a buyer. In our opinion we would not go to anybody else and would highly recommend Abel to help make your dream come true…


Isaac Sevier
As a first time homebuyer, finding a realtor who would deal with me honestly and with respect was very important. Abel did just that. Not only was I a first time buyer but I am new to this area and didn’t know the area very well, so I relied totally on his expertise to find my first home. His local knowledge from growing up here and having an extensive network set him apart from his peers. More than anything, Abel welcomed all of my questions, answered my calls and emails very promptly (often within hours, but never more than a day), and was key in narrowing down to the right home for me. He proactively researched listings for me every couple of days and was available to look at listings with me almost instantly — so important in a busy market. Abel came referred to me by a colleague, and I would not hesitate to refer him to my friends or family.
Response from Abel

Guillermo Guillen
As a first-time buyer I was unfamiliar with the process of buying a home. Abel’s Real Estate Company is ran efficiently mostly by family, and this is evident as soon as you walk into his office and feel that friendly environment. The staff is friendly, courteous and professional. Abel thoroughly explained the process to me and worked diligently on my behalf. I am a single father, so naturally a safe neighborhood close to good quality schools was priority for me when choosing a home. As a result of his hard work I purchased a beautiful home, in a safe/quiet neighborhood for a very affordable price. Abel and his dedicated staff provide an exceptional service that includes vast professional experience, hard work and a friendly environment that assures you that you have the best real estate company working for you.

Jeremy Bojorquez
I have bought two homes from Abel and recommended him to co-workers that have bought homes with him. He has extensive knowledge in Realty and is very proactive with his customers. Even after your home purchase is complete he stays in contact with his customers to ensure they are happy with their homes. I would recommend him to any home buyer looking to buy a home in Bakersfield. Thanks Abel for all your help and persistence.

Lisa Murphy
Abel is the man that gets it done. We couldn’t of survived this house hunting process without him. He was there for us from start to finish! He truly has a passion for what he does and for his clients. He really listens to your needs and works really hard to find you exactly what you want. We loved that he was always honest with us and definitely knew what he was talking about. He always went out of his way to explain details and even with our million questions, he answered all of them. He’s definitely the realtor you need to get the perfect home for you.

Eric Sampson
Abel was really awesome realtor was honest as could be and very impressive the time I was in escrow Abel took care of me and always answered my calls and always informed me where we were in escrow what a awesome realtor 21 day escrow wow!!

Rosa and Sal Mendez
Abel is awesome!!!!! Always answered all my questions, very smart and considerate to my families needs. I felt very confident that he would seal the deal and HE did!!! I LOVE the new house, it was because of his hard work also dedication that got us where we are today! I would recommend him to anyone because he is nice, informative and listens to your needs. He delivered everything I was looking for in a home. In fact he is our family realtor!!!!!!!! Overall he just knows Reality and the importance of a home! I will definately call him again for our next purchase! Thanks again Abel!!!!!!

Brian and Patty Diers
A & A Realty:

We would like to thank you for helping us locate and purchase our new home. Not only were you available at any time for questions and concerns, but you were friendly, personable, honest, and went the proverbial “extra mile” to ensure we were happy in our selection. If we had questions, you had answers; if we needed to take another look, you had the key and the time; if we just needed to talk, you were there to listen. We can only hope it’s always this easy. We would, and have, highly recommend your services to other homebuyers. We can’t think of a single aspect that did not exceed our expectations.

Thanks again.

Brian & Patti Diers (FHA)

Montano Family
We would like to thank A and A Realty for their honesty and hard work. They showed us many houses and gave us valuable, honest knowledge while looking at houses. We are first time home buyers and didn’t really know what to look for while purchasing our first home but with A and A Realty at our side we were confident that we would make the right choice… and we did. We’ve been in our home now for about a month and it is fantastic! If you want honest, friendly, hard working agents that are looking out for the home buyer then I highly recommend A and A Realty. Thanks again A and A!

The Montano Family

The Humkey Family
Our family would thank you for all the time and hard work that you put into us finding a home. It was a really educating experience! All the staff at your office was the best to work with, and you made us feel like family. Once again thank you very much. We love our new home!

The Humkeys

Pequeno Family
A & A Realty,

A & A Realty was very graceful with our entire request and very courteous to me and my family. A & A Realty took our request on what we were looking for and found it. They were very adaptable with any situation, that we put them in, for example we tried to close on the house before I went to Army Recruiting School, but things did not work out as planned. A & A Realty was very proactive and got my spouse a Power of Attorney so she could close our file on her own while I was out of state. They always planned for the worse, which is always good. I would recommend anyone to use A & A Realty if they are looking for their dream home, I know we did,

Thank You A & A Realty.
The Pequeno Family (VA)

Rosa and Mike
A & A Realty,

Thank you for all the help you have given me, in my pursuit of purchasing a home. I sincerely appreciate all that you have done, especially when you took time form your days off to show me and my family the house. I will definitely refer you to all my friends and family, and tell them of the exceptional service you provide. Thank you once again!

You are great and a pleasure to work with. Thank you.

Rosa and Mike (VA)

Mr. Robinson
When I first began my pursuit of looking to see if I even qualified to become a home owner I was given the cold shoulder by numerous real estate agents and brokers. Agents and brokers whose company names are well established in the real estate housing market industry. At the time I was renting a very nice home in the southwest Bakersfield area, just around the corner from Stockdale High School with rent of $1,100.00 per month. Just on a fluke I stopped by A & A Realty because I saw their road side advertisements in the area in which I lived and traveled frequently. My first meeting with Abel Ramos III, I was taken back by his seemingly young appearance, even though he was VERY well dressed, being an older man myself I was thinking “SOME LITTLE RICH KID WHOSE PARENTS BROUGHT HIM INTO THE FAMILY BUSINESS. As a first time home buyer I was very skeptical in dealing with such a young man like Abel Ramos III from A & A Realty, but what gave me a sense of comfort was the fact that both his parents have been in the real estate business for more years than how old Abel III is, and not to mention the confidence I felt in the hand shake and the eye contact I received from young Abel Ramos III. There were several obstacles that were very frustrating to me during the first few weeks of working with Abel III, but as I look back on them now I can honestly say it was me that had the problems, but I must admit, young Abel never once faltered in his pursuit to make things right, or at least put 100% effort in making it right. Unfortunately there are very few associates of mine that are in the position to pursue the purchase of a home at this present time, but if there were, A & A Realty would be my first recommendation for them to contact.

Abel Ramos II and A&A Realty are at the top of their game in this very unstable housing market in which we find ourselves today, with old time ethics, morals and simply on top of it! Today I am an actual home owner only because A & A Realty went the extra mile for me and made the American Dream a reality in my life.

Charles Robinson (VA)